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Who am I and what is this site about?

I am a long time Porn fan and Adult Site webmaster – I made my first porn site in 1998 and never looked for another job :) During those years I pretty much saw all porn niches, surfed all kinds of porn sites and run into more bullshit sites than you can imagine. To help surfers filter out the crap, I started a review site in 2003 and still run that site and love it, in case you want to have a look, it is PornAdept.Com. On that site I review pretty much any kind of porn site, regardless of it’s quality or potential.

Now I decided to make a new site, where I would focus on the best that the Porn site business has to offer.

I would like this to become some kind of a directory presenting content updates from the “let’s say” 100 best paysites out there. Sites that would update frequently, keep high quality level … simply put, adult sites that are worth to pay for. So I came up with the web you are on right now. I will use a blog-like format and create a separate blog for every porn paysite that is good enough in my opinion.

To make it more interesting, I will also write a review for each of the paysites and post new updates with photos and my commentary.

I want to give one simple promise to you – I will always stay honest with my reviews and with what I write in any of the blogs. You can count on my word at all times, if I say a paysite is worth joining, I will explain why I believe so and never lie to you. My reputation is important to me and to my business and I would never risk it. After all, online porn business is just like print magazines, its all about subscriptions – the longer you stay as a member, the more money the owner of the site makes. And it’s no secret that the affiliates (me too) get commissions for referring new members.

Satisfied, long paying members mean more money for the paysite owner and affiliates too.

I set my goal to 100 best porn paysites, it will take quite some time but I will get there. Every time I add a new paysite to the mix and create a blog for it, I will make a post here on the main page. The list is also in the right column so you can click from there. We will see how fast it will go, but I promise to do my best. Enjoy your stay and in case you have something to say, use the contact form. Thanks, Mat.

MOFOS – Awesome semi-amateur network.

Mofos is another perfect adult network that I want to tell you about. It contains 11 standalone sites, each following a specific niche or scenario. There is a good mix of niches in the network, with a bit of focus put on amateur or new porn starlets. You will also find the famous stars inside but its not the core of the network.

Mofos offers the typical network setup – one membership gives you access to all the sites in the network – just like all big sites do these days … can you believe that few years ago all small sites required separate memberships? But back to MOFOS – I would recommend this network to those who like to discover new porn stars, watch porn with chicks that are new to the biz and thelikes. For 25 bucks you will get a load of quality content with some really good looking chicks. Read the full review to find out more.


VideoBOX – Best DVD Archive !

The next blog is going to introduce the worlds best DVD archive – VIDEOBOX. This site is your best pick in case you are looking for a massive amount of downloadable porn movies from a wide range of studios covering pretty much any genre you can think of. Right now, there are more than 12 500 full movies available in the members section, each of them with 4 or 5 scenes on average, so you can imagine the massive size of the database.

The best thing about VideoBox.Com is the variety – they have pretty much every half-famous pornstar covered, any niche you can think of is there to be found. VideoBox is priced very reasonably, which plays a significant role in its popularity too. Thousands of members download their porn from Video Box daily and I am sure you would love the site too. Check out the site, you can browse all the titles and watch a few short samples for free.



Brazzers.Com – Blog Number 7 Is Here :

The 7th blog in my network is dedicated to Brazzers, which is quite some brand in the adult industry. They started the first site long time ago, focusing on big breasts and biggest names in the industry. They are still doing the same, picking big boobed top stars and fucking the hell out of them. In the past they only operated a few sites, but now boost a portfolio of 30 standalone sites, all merged into one huge members area.



Brazzers has something for everyone so to speak, there is plenty of boy-girl action, classic vaginal as well as anal intercourse a bit of fetishes and also lesbian action. They keep a high quality level all across the network sites so in case you like this kind of porn, you can’t go wrong with a Brazzers membership. Check out my review to read about the network in more detail. I will also introduce their most popular stars in the blog so check that out too please.

Visit Brazzers blog NOW !



Blog #6 – Club Sandy

Time to add another blog and review to the network, so let’s do it. This time it’s gonna be about the official site of my favorite Hungarian super slut named Sandy. Her official site is named Club Sandy and you can find it at For those of you who don’t know this babe, prepare for a wild ride as this blonde certainly isn’t your regular vanilla pornstar. Sandy loves it hard and she is not afraid of playing with her pussy to the max.

ClubSandy offers 7 or 8 years of updates, going back to 2003 when the site was started. Its pretty exciting to watch the babe getting mature in the videos as you follow her career in the archives. Many people say that women get better with age and it’s certainly true with this blonde babe Sandy. I hope she will continue shooting new scenes and add them to her official site. Make sure you also read my full review of Club Sandy and check out the samples :)

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DDF Network – Blog number 5 is here.

I didn’t add a new blog to the site for quite some time, so here we go again with another favorite porn network of mine, the DDF Network. It’s an awesome network of 13 hot sites produced by the famous photographer Denys DeFrancesco who is the head photographer for this collection of sites and assures constant high quality level and certain specific feel that I learned to love.

Every site in the DDF Network features some of the hottest babes and pornstars, mostly from EU countries like Hungary, Czech Republic or Slovakia. The sites in the DDF  Network are pretty focused, for example the DDF Busty web is about tits so all the videos reflect that. Not only will you get tons of big titted babes, they put a lot of focus on tit play, nipple sucking etc … Or their foot fetish site, HotLegsAndFeet.Com – it’s all about toe sucking, feet caresing, leg showoff etc … Simply said, they understand the particular niche and stay focused at all costs, which is a huge plus. Take a look at the DDF Network blog and you will see.


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Naughty America – 4th Blog in the network :)

So it’s here again, I started a new blog for another superb quality porn network. This time it’s one of my all time favorites – NaughtyAmerica.Com. This network of sites boosts a massive amount of  34 sites covering a wide range of niches. The main focus is put on MILF’s or mature females and their passion for hard cock, especially the hard cock of younger dudes :) What makes this network special and better than the rest, is the fantasies they based the sites on. The reality porn genre used all kinds of good and bad ideas but the guys at Naughty America used the best ones in my opinion.

For example MyFirstSexTeacher.Com – like who didn’t dream about fucking that big titted teacher of theirs? Or MyFriendsHotMom.Com – I know I wanted to bang the mother of one of my friends … and I know I wasn’t alone. These fantasies are simply real, they reflect what the most of use really were thinking about… or still are :) Maybe that’s why I like their scenes so much. Take the best and hottest pornstars and add them to the mix … what comes out is a sure winner, that’s why I am really happy to introduce this network to you and of course recommend you to join it. But visit my Naughty America blog first and read the review or watch the samples.

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Wicked – Wicked Pictures – Blog No. 3

Let’s move on with another blog for another hot site – Wicked.Com or WickedPictures.Com – This one is somehow special to me as their movies were the first I ever watched back in the past, when I discovered the internet. So obviously I still love to return to these old flicks and watch them again, its big nostalgia for me :) And the archives of the site offer all these movies for download !

In the past, Wicked had a shitty website, sorry to say so but that’s the truth. Some time ago, they finally gave the site the attention it deserved and put hundreds of movies online for download. Any fan of Wicked Pictures should join this site for at least a month as it’s not possible to find a more complete Wicked movies collection anywhere. The good thing is that they still shoot new movies, so you can download these in the members section too. Check it out.

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RealityKings.Com – Blog #2

The next site I picked is the famous RealityKings.Com, its one of the oldest networks out there and one of the best ones at the same time. Their network contains more than 30 sites, and some of them are really awesome. I will be creating separate blogs for the best ones obviously, but let’s start with one that would deal with the Reality Kings network specifically.

First post on the blog will be my review of the network again, then I will move on with specific models, picking the most favored ones by their members. It will be interesting to see how the most famous pornstars compare with new comers or unknown pornstar wannabees. Reality Kings is quite strong when it comes to Latina hotties, so there will be a ton of unknown curvy babes to take a look at. Enjoy.

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Twistys – First blog in the network !

So, let’s start with one of my favorite sites of all times – Twistys. As promised, I wrote a review of the site and prepared a few tasty samples for you. In the blog, I will introduce their special exclusive models called the Treats. They add one of them per month, so I will try to feature all of them on the blog.

In case you are into hot babes, natural or fake, softcore models or pornstars … Twistys has something for you. It is the best and biggest site of it’s kind a logical final harbor for every babe lover. Check it out.

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